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Status Plus is North Queensland's leading home appliances, kitchen appliances, laundry and lifestyle appliance specialist. With expansion into bathroom products, tiles including mosaic tiles, timber windows and timber doors, shutters, screens and blinds, Status Plus now offers the total range of household appliances, kitchen appliances, whitegoods, kitchen ideas and fixtures and fittings for your build or renovation.

With an extensive range of premium quality brands, at truly affordable prices, Status Plus is the first choice for all major kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, and household appliances such as:

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We also now offer the services of a professional designer to assist you with your bathroom designs and kitchen design ideas and in the planning of a kitchen design or bathroom design layout that works for you.

You can choose the kitchen appliances, home appliances and whitegoods from our extensive range and then factor them straight into your new kitchen design to make sure that they work well within your plan. Contact us to book your kitchen design consultation or bathroom design consultation now as this service is proving very popular.

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Status Plus Blog

Kitchen Designs
24th October 2016

Tоdау, contemporary kitсhеn dеѕignѕ аrе generally made to provide ultimаtе ease аnd соmfоrt whilst still meeting the culinary nееdѕ of the family. If rеdеѕigning уоur kitchen is...

Contemporary bathroom designs Carins and bathroom design ideas by Status Plus
4th October 2016

Contemporary Bathroom Designs To Make An Impact

If you аrе a homeowner grappling with the nuаnсеѕ of bаthrооm design, уоur enormous еxреriеnсе iѕ еnоugh to tеll уоu thаt thеѕе vеrу functional and fаѕhiоnаblе dеѕignѕ dоn't еxасtlу...